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Zachary Billings

I’m Zach Billings. I’m young, I’m opinionated, and I succeed at anything I put my mind to. There’s a well known phrase that a lot of people believe in: “Money can’t buy happiness.” Wrong! Almost everything I’m passionate about in life is expensive, and what I’ve learned over time is that with enough money, I can have anything and everything that makes me happy, save for love.

I live by my saying, “I work to live, I don’t live to work.” Time spent at work is a means to make the money I need or want, so I can enjoy every minute I’m not at work. That isn’t to say that I don’t seek to do work that I enjoy and take pride in, but it isn’t the center of my life. My life enjoyment comes from a great number of things and experiences, all worth writing about. It can be anything from the drive home from work in the right car, to an intense simulated-combat experience on the airsoft field, to a 200-round belt of .308 through a machine gun.

Many people, even my closest friends, think me a bit of a douchebag for my unflinching beliefs and my face-value materialism. All I have to say to that is, “Don’t be jealous.” I work hard and reap the rewards of my hard, precise, and efficient work, in both the professional workplace and in my personal life. My story is one of interesting experiences and thoughts which I try my best to share with my friends and the world.

Guide to ZachBillings.com:

Firearms: Bullets, guns, and range time. Everything I know and do with guns.

115 Grains of Lead: Bullets, and the firearms that launch them. My take on firearms and my experience with them.

Preparedness: High speed, low drag. A place for efficient preparedness for emergencies and catastrophes.

The Shooting Range:  Slinging copper and lead, at paper and steel.

In My Shoes: Daily events, frustrations, failures, and successes.

Internal CombustionAll about cars, my view on them, and what I do with them.

Airsoft Guns: Airsoft guns, inside, outside, and in my hands.

Feel Good Farm: A place for BBs flying, voices yelling, and the accounts of Feel Good Farm airsoft events.

Douchebaggery: You can agree with me or you can be wrong. My opinions in depth.

In My Shoes: Daily events, frustrations, failures, and successes.

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