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What Your Car Says About You

What Your Car Says About You

Disclaimer: This article is intended to be humorous. The opinions and views portrayed are not necessarily my own and, frankly, should be viewed as offensive. This is for your entertainment only. Being rather extreme about my opinions of cars and people, I have come to notice that a surprising number […]

Tires – The Link Between You and The Road

It’s funny at times how little people seems to consciously understand about their car and what about it is important. Fancy features in the cabin keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and comfortable and entertained on your long journeys. Your engine, and its many associated components, […]

Automotive Marketing BootCamp – A Healthy Brain Overload

I came on board with Marlboro Nissan in early summer of 2009. Now, coming up on summer 2011, I’ve learned quite a bit about Automotive Digital Marketing under Tim Martell. For at least the last year, my job has almost exclusively been in blogging, PR, article writing, and SEO. It’s […]