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Zach Billings during Operation BaconPaloosa II

My name is Zach Billings. I am a Digital Marketing Manager for an auto dealership, as well as the VP of Sales and Marketing for a Digital Marketing Company. I was born, and currently reside, in eastern Massachusetts.

I began Airsoft Gun ownership in 2006 and have been a steadily active member of Airsoft Retreat (ASR) forum since 2007. I am a respected member of the ASR community, whose opinions and reviews are highly regarded and recognized. I have been airsofting at Feel Good Farm in New Hampshire since 2008 and have also been periodically reviewing airsoft guns and parts for a major airsoft brand since 2009.

I have put a total of over 500 hours of active research and writing time into the ASR forum since 2007 and can be found there under username: kempobmx1.

I have also spoken one-on-one with local law enforcement officers on the topic of Airsoft, and have demonstrated my Airsoft guns to them, ensuring that they are aware of them and approving of my ownership of them.

I consider myself to be an authority on Airsoft, with a focus on safety, physics, ballistics, mechanics, and legality (in no particular order). I am well versed with, but do not claim to be an expert on, the local or national airsoft community.

Upon request, I could provide multiple references that will attest to my level of knowledge in the sport of airsoft.