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Evergreen in SnowWhile my site is, first and foremost, a blog, there are some topics that I consider too important and timeless to be lost in the shuffle… the Evergreens…

These pages are generally informational; they are reviews, guides, timeless advice, and information on establishments worthy of my time to write about.

I hope you find content that is valuable to you within my Evergreen pages.




Airsoft MP7 – A review of the KWA MP7A1, gas blowback airsoft replica. The first of a new class of airsoft gun—which KWA has since fleshed out—the MP7 was the first gas-bolt driven airsoft gun to be made to such exacting standards and high performance.


Go Bag – How to assemble a 72-hour emegency bag, which could save your life or give you the advantage in emergencies big and small.

What is Airsoft – A complete guide for the novice airsofter or the concerned parent. “What is Airsoft” covers the players, safety, environment, culture, and weapons that make up the growing recreational hobby/sport.

Radar Detectors – A layperson’s guide to radar/laser detectors, how they work, and what to know.


Shooting Range NH – An indoor shooting range, located in Manchester, NH. Manchester Firing Line Range is a high-quality establishment where every-day people, with or without firearms experience, can go to rent modern and historic weapons ranging from .22 caliber pistols to belt-fed machine guns.

Airsoft Field in NH – Less well known than many others, Feel Good Farm is an insured airsoft field, located in Lyndeborough, NH. Feel Good Farm operated a 54-acre woodland airsoft field, including a make-shift urban combat village, bridges, rivers, and hilly terrain.

Zach Billings

Zach Billings and Airsoft – What makes me an authority worth trusting, when it comes to airsoft.