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Drawing from Concealed Carry

Drawing from Concealed Carry

Lets put the cards on the table… If you’re getting into defensive shooting, concealed carry or, god forbid, you’re an old school shooter willing to learn up-to-date Modern Technique, this should be helpful. The real reason I’m writing this however, is just because I think I’m cool and I like […]

Too Much Skill – Subaru STi Performance

I have a great understanding of vehicle dynamics and car control for my age and experience level. For a number of years now I have been reading about car control techniques. I knew, in theory, how to double clutch rev match before I even learned to drive stick. Owning my […]

Precision Timing

I’ve been noticing the precision of morning commute timing more and more recently. Personally, I have a morning routine that does not vary and is timed to the second. Alarms go off at 5 minute intervals from 6:55 to 7:15 to pull me from REM sleep. I then get 5 […]