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The Big Shoot – 31 Guns, 3600 Rounds, $3331

The Big Shoot – 31 Guns, 3600 Rounds, $3331

Most everyone who knows me, knows that I have but three passions in life that can be easily defined. Cars, currency, and firearms. My most recent outing to Manchester Firing Line ran rather heavily in the currency and firearm departments…

Firearms – Graduating from Novice to Intermediate

After a decade of interest in firearms I finally acquired enough knowledge and experience to graduate from being a novice shooter, to one of intermediate experience and advanced knowledge. I had owned dozens of airsoft guns with the mindset that they were more replica firearms than toys. I had been […]

Shooting – What Could Be Better?

Firearms have been a growing and evolving interest of mine since I was about 7 years old. One of my most distant memories is actually of sitting at Joan and Ed’s Deli Restaurant in Natick, where they would give kids a box of crayons and a paper place mat that […]

Feel Good Farm – May 1st Op: BaconPaloosa II After Action Report

When Operation Squirrel Hunt took place at Feel Good Farm on April 17th, I was in Orlando, FL on business. Having apparently missed a superb Op, I came back from Florida with a bad sunburn and a lowered immune system as a result. Over the following two weeks I have […]

The Ugliest Hack I’ve Ever Done

Very few of you are likely to have any real understanding of the inner workings of an electric airsoft rifle. Those with a little knowledge might know that you have a set of gears, driven by a motor. Those gears move a piston which, when released, uses spring tension to […]