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The Gun Totin’ Liberals Do Thanksgiving

The Gun Totin’ Liberals Do Thanksgiving

If you keep up with my blog you are no doubt aware that I am an avid firearm enthusiast and soon-to-be owner. What you might not know is that I come from a family that is quite the opposite. When I was young I had to fight a year long […]

Are You Ready? – Preparedness

Emergencies come in all forms and can happen at any time. Many people have a single type of emergency in mind when they think of a home emergency. For some, it may be a home fire, a gas leak, or maybe a natural disaster like a tornado. For others, it […]

Kill or Be Killed – Preparedness

In a number of states across the country, particularly Massachusetts, weapons are considered scary and evil. Guns are thought of solely as murder machines and their owners are treated like dangerous criminals, even when their intentions and practices are completely innocent. Society as a whole is comprised of pathetic people, […]