Branding One’s Self

Posted on by Zach Billings
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Zach Billings BrandedI’ve been pretty stoked to get this blog up and running for a few weeks now. I would say that ever since I started posting regularly on the Airsoft Retreat I’ve had a very strong want to have my internet voice heard. Everyone who knows me, knows that I love hearing myself talk. The thing about blogging is that I don’t have to feel like an ass hole doing it. If you’re reading this now, you’re reading it by choice. I can blog all god-damn day and as long as I keep it interesting, people will read it. (Alternatively, I can use Jedi mind tricks on you).

“What if no one reads it though?”, you ask. Impossible. Google reads it no matter what. I get to kill two birds with one stone with a blog. I get to talk about myself endlessly and probably have people interested in what I have to say, and on the days that no one visits my blog, my name keeps ranking higher and higher on Google. We live in a world of social media and 1 in 5 relationships beginning online. What could be more important than proliferation of my name on the internet.

It’s been a pretty sweet day with this blog and I’m looking forward to seeing people view it as well as my Google ranking going up.

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