Feel Good Farm – May 1st Op: BaconPaloosa II After Action Report

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Zach Billings Airsoft KWA M4A1When Operation Squirrel Hunt took place at Feel Good Farm on April 17th, I was in Orlando, FL on business. Having apparently missed a superb Op, I came back from Florida with a bad sunburn and a lowered immune system as a result. Over the following two weeks I have been sick on and off, from a runny nose, to sore throat, to a high fever. The night before Operation BaconPaloosa II, my fever returned. I decided to tough it out and go anyway, and despite feeling like crap in the morning, I did in fact make it up to the field with ACP, my airsoft team. Upon arriving at FGF, I felt excited for the game and had a renewed energy. The night before I’d felt very disorganized, as I hadn’t been able to spend my day preparing as I usually do. As of 45 minutes before game-start, I was all squared away, geared up, and ready to go. I took some Advil and Claritin to help fend off the fever and my allergies and we took to the field for the Op.

Zach Billings Reloading KWA M4A1As soon as the game started we, the Americans, captured our first objective almost immediately. Lacking a new location where we were needed, I decided to take my squad into the woods, with the intention of flanking up the Southern edge of the field to an elevated position where we would be in good shape to move to our next objective. Shortly after entering the woods, we could see two squads of ‘The Eh’ Team’ (the Canadians) moving across our path about 200ft in front of us. They were moving on the Urban, which my team already occupied, and we decided to lay low for a minute and wait for more tan to come into range, at which point we would ambush them from behind. It worked. When we opened up on them, we decimated them within 5 minutes. Once I was fairly sure we’d taken them out, I slung my M4, pulled out my MP7 and stormed up the berm to Urban to clear anyone that was left.

I was very happy with my squad’s performance the morning of the Op. We pushed hard, communicated well, and knocked out superior numbers with superior tactics and firepower. It was the realization of what I’ve been trying to get my squad to accomplish for a long, long time. Moving on through the day, we trekked East from Urban into the woods in search of other members of the American team. We were without an objective and needed to locate a green squad to gather some intel. My squad did a phenomenal job walking in a staggered column as we moved East, and responded quickly to a potential threat on the path. Once we finally got intel that we needed to get back to Urban, we booked it back and arrived with the Eh’ Team dug in.

Zach Billings AirsoftWhen we got to the stone wall on the North side of Urban, I made a clean kill at close range with a 3-round burst from my KWA M4, before slinging it and switching to my MP7 for my push into Urban. My squad charged in ahead of me, and I brought up the rear. I made the MP7’s first combat kill and moved to ABC Shack on the North-East edge of Urban. We fought our way into Urban hard and fast, with IROPS fighting their way in from the West. As we reached the center of Urban. Andrew ‘Dr. Gentleman’ and I came up on the bus and there was an enemy inside it that we needed to clear out. Andrew decided to try to get a grenade in the bus, but needed to advance to the next building to be able to. He sprinted across the gap between the buildings as I rolled around the corner, shouldering my MP7 lefty. The enemy in the bus decided to come out from cover for a second to shoot at us. Big mistake. I snapped off two rounds with the MP7 before ducking back behind cover. When I looked to see if my shots had connected, the enemy was pulling out his dead rag. We’d taken the Urban.

The 30 minute remainder of the first half of the day was fairly uneventful, but I had an absolute blast. I was thrilled with how my squad behaved and thought we all did a great job. Sadly, the second half of the day my fever caught up with me and I had to sit in the car. My squad reported that the second half of the day was fairly boring, but I think it was all worth it for the first half. Definitely an Op to remember, between my squad’s best-yet performance, and my first three MP7 kills.

Check out the video compilation from my gun-cam. You’ll see our ambush as tan was moving towards Urban, taking cover on the path east, and my kill as the Urban North wall. Sadly, I didn’t mount the GoPro on my MP7 when I assaulted the Urban.

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