Massachusetts Gun Laws

Massachusetts Firearm Licensing

Posted on by Zach Billings
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As if Massachusetts didn’t already make it a huge pain in everyone’s ass to own firearms, things have just become more complicated for me… I recently called the Massachusetts Firearms School (where I took my Firearm Safety Course) to get some advice on what to write on my Class A-LTC application. I wanted to know what to write under the field regarding my reason for application. In MA you have to be careful what you write here if you want an unrestricted license to enable concealed carry of a pistol. When I told the instructor on the phone that I lived in Framingham however, he replied with “Uh oh…”

For years Framingham has been known as the ultimate ‘green town’ in MA. A green town is a town known for issuing unrestricted licenses to almost anyone who applies (who doesn’t have a criminal record). I’d always been excited about this because it meant that, while I still had to deal with Massachusetts’ absurd laws, it would make the acquisition of a concealed carry license relatively easy. Now when I called MFS, they informed me that just recently something big has changed in Framingham and that now they aren’t issuing ANY unrestricted licenses. Even people who previously had one are now getting a restricted license when they go to renew it. This of course defeats the purpose of my applying for an LTC at all, because I’m not even able to store a firearm at my mother’s house, where I currently live.

My plan had been to apply for my Class-A LTC ALP (All Lawful Purposes – concealed carry approved) right now in Framingham, then move to north-central MA later this year (to another green town). This was, however, the last straw… I’ve decided I’m sick of MA and all it’s complications for those who care about their ability to responsibly and lawfully own a firearm. When I move later this year, I’m moving to southern New Hampshire. Not only will a concealed carry license be easy to acquire there, but I can also open carry (carry an unconcealed weapon on my hip).

While this will make it so I can’t carry when visiting MA, it’s a worth while tradeoff to rid myself of the burden which is Massachusetts.


  1. i agree w/ the bullshit, i just recently moved to Shrewsbury, MA from Charlottesville,VA and was amazed at how strict firearms laws are in this state. Back in Virginia i had my Class-A license and i tried to renew this year and was denied. Still have my dad’s Luger from the war (which he took from a kraut) and my trusty UMP45.

    1. Ya it’s bad news and the penalties for violations hit hard. There are a number of perfectly innocent mistakes that you can make which can lead to permanent inability to own firearms and even jail time. A certain degree of regulation is of course a good idea, but look at Vermont. Fewest firearm regulations out of any state and they have the 48th lowest firearm crime rate per capita.

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