Air Travel and Dumb People

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Air Travel Dumb PeopleI have fuzzy memories of my air travel experiences when I was young, but I remember them being exciting. Things were complimentary on nearly all airlines, from blankets to headphones, to snacks and meals which were part of the price of your ticket. Now you’re lucky to get a drink cart on a 3-hour flight without paying an arm and two legs. What the hell is that?!

Then there are the pathetic people that must be flying on a regular basis… I remember my favorite part of flying was always the takeoff roll. I didn’t grow up around sports cars and had certainly never experienced the 1G+ acceleration of my STi. All I knew is that I could not wait to board the plane so I could experience the awesome rush of accelerating from 0-200mph on land; an acceleration force akin to my STi, throttle pegged to the floor, in 2nd gear. Since then, the idiots that fly have apparently become so sensitive that they don’t like the rush of a full-throttle takeoff roll. The FAA put regulations on the maximum force levels that passengers can be subjected to. It is shameful that I can now say I could probably drag race a commercial jet in my STi and win!

Beyond the people who run airlines getting dumber and dumber, there never fails to be an abundant supply of retards doing the traveling. On my recent business trip to Florida, a mother had not verified that her kids didn’t have bottled water in their backpacks. Idiots! People bitch and moan about airport security these days but it can so easily be painless if you’re not a dumb ass. Pack light, know the rules ahead of time, and know what they’re going to need a closer look at and have it readily accessibly. Do this and you and your poorly raised kids won’t have to hold up the security line for 15 minutes. When this happens you piss off everyone in line and in-turn piss off the security staff, who then get angry and start conducting more “random security screenings.” You hold yourself up and piss everyone off with a snowballing clusterfuck delay. Grow a brain or stay home…

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