Feel Good Farm – April 3rd R&G After Action Report

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Zach Billings KWA M4 AirsoftSunday April 3rd marked the opening day of the 2011 airsoft season at Feel Good Farm. It was a Run and Gun event, as well as a swap meet. Swap meets are when people are encouraged to set up a table by their car with any and all gear they wish to sell. It’s like a Flea Market for airsoft. This particular one was by far the largest swap meet I’ve witnessed at FGF. Easily 50% of the over 100 attendees brought goods to sell. I personally bought an Airsoft Innovations Tornado Timer Grenade, as well as a beat up, but rare KWA Glock 18c and a Blackhawk CQC SERPA Level 2 hip holster with paddle. The holster is for the Glock 18 and also fits my KWA Glock 19, which is more likely to be regularly housed in it.

The Run and Gun itself, I have mixed feelings about. This was my first time bringing GoPro HD HERO video cameras to the field (two mounted in the urban and two on guns this time). With a turnout of 100-120 people, I had expected enough close quarters urban combat that I would get loads of cool video. I didn’t end up with much. The reason seemed to be the poor planning and organization of this Run and Gun. Excusable since this was Sam’s first game as field marshal. The biggest problem with a lack of organization is that first time players and young kids (typically one and the same) are left to their idiotic devices. They don’t know the field or how to play tactically and it leads to major lulls in the action because there is no serious advancement of force. I wouldn’t fault someone for asking why the more experienced players can’t just advance anyway, but you really need team cohesion for a major push against a more organized team.

I got a kill number somewhere in the low teens for the day, but I wasn’t overly satisfied as it required a lot of automatic fire to get those kills at range, due to high winds. I am happy to say that my only death was during our ‘Fireteams’ exercise where it is 5-man squads and every squad for itself. Frustrating as my high volumes of fire – for only 13-16 kills – was, the worst part of the whole thing was really the 35-45 first time kids who had no idea what they were doing. We were all rusty from a fattening winter, but the idiotic ‘nooblings’ really ruined the day for me. I had fun but I wasn’t satisfied.

As for my own team: This year it has two new 14-year-old members. My brother Josh ‘Wookie,’ and his friend Anthony. Knowing that Anthony isn’t an idiot and that I trained Josh myself, I was not overly concerned with how they would fare. As it turned out, they did quite well. Anthony did a good job sticking with the group and being a support rifleman. Josh did an excellent job getting into it and was even barking orders to older strangers by half way through the day. I have high hopes that he will be able to take over the XO position in the squad in future, for when I need to break off with Andrew ‘Dr. Gentleman’ for a scout-sniping mission.

Unfortunately I will be missing the April 17th Op because I will be in Florida for work training, but I look forward to a better Run and Gun on May 1st and a good Op on May 15 (as well as the Squad Tactics training event on May 14).

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